What is a pop up shop?

13 Jan

People often ask me “what is a pop-up shop?” ….to answer this, first let me ask you a question!

Have you ever noticed a shop that literally popped out of nowhere, stayed for a few days or months then vanished again? Well welcome to the world of POP UP SHOPS or flash retailing.

A pop up store is a shop that opens up at an empty retail location for a few days in a major city, shopping strip or mall. It may open with great fanfare and publicity or it may open more discreetly with a simple facebook event announcement. It is open for just a moment in time and then disappears.

Typically, pop up shops are shops that negotiate a short term lease, or license, with the property owner.  Shops are set up for a period of time which can be anything between a few days to several months.

Other forms of ‘pop ups’ including shops on wheels, disappearing restaurants, outdoor summer cinemas, mobile food, coffee vans etcetera, etceteras.  Seasonally themed pop ups is a growing trend with a large number of themed pop ups to celebrate events like Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Pop up stores are very successful in today’s uncertain economy where the national retail vacancy rate is at a three-year high and consumer attention rate at a even more tenuous state. Pop up shops are successful because they offer a cheaper solution than year-round rentals. It is a great way for stores and entrepreneurs to check the pulse of consumers and try out new products.

These temporary spaces evolve as quickly as consumers’ ever-changing tastes, moods and interests. They are a great way for generating buzz, reaching new audiences, testing a concept , launching a new product or simply unloading old stock.

Some of the biggest brands in fashion, food and technology were getting in on the action creating interactive brand spaces….think, Target, Missoni, Fred Perry, Pepsi-Cola, H&M, eBay, Samsung, Apple.

In 2011 fashion boutiques, galleries, furniture shops and even restaurants popped up and popped off again, with their only publicity being Social media platforms – like facebook and Twitter.

2012 will see even more of these ventures popping all over the world so stay glued to FIND A POP-UP SHOP to catch the latest shops popping next to you.

Have YOU seen on near you? What did you think?


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