‘Meat’ The Square Pop-up Store [Switzerland]

10 Apr

Between April 18-28 2012, the pop-up store The Square becomes a luxurious butcher’s shop and welcomes more than thirty artists, creators, and all sorts of brands presenting their unique creations based on the theme of steak.

The Square organizes a concept store inspired by the famous store “Colette” in Paris. This boutique, the “hype” and a must see in Paris, is world-famous, and a “must” to see when visiting the French capital.

The Square has brought together more than 30 creators, artists and brands from Switzerland and elsewhere.

They have total liberty for their art work, although they must respect the following criteria :

• “Meat” should be the focus of each project
• The final production has to be an “Ultra-Limited Edition”
• The quality and the finishing touches have to be of top quality

You will find products such as:

• Haute couture (Mademoiselle L, Influx,…)
• T-shirts (Heidi.com, WD,…)
• Paintings
• Jewellery (Astérisme, B&L,…)
• Key rings
• Furniture (Strada, Meubles Bidons,…)
• Music
• Books
• Cosmetics
• …

Intrigued? Read more at www.cotelette-at-the-square.tumblr.com


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