Pop-up Spaces for Lease [Fremantle]

9 Jul

Looking for a place to pop in the heart of of Fremantle’s shopping district?   Want to trial a location with a short-term lease first?

Available right now are a number of vacant pop-up spaces at pop-up prices.

Whatever your business you could find the perfect place for Eat, Drink, Shop or Play.

  • A former cafe presents the perfect space to trial a new concept.
  • A large gallery-style space could be just the place to curate an exhibition, art, crafts, furniture or set up a temporary shop-front for your online store.
  • A smaller space lets you get creative. Perhaps presenting your home base business with a short-term shop front to promote your business and pick up new clients. Put up a QR Code or Digital display in the shop window. Let’s get creative!

With the festive season soon upon us, Halloween, Christmas and New Year represent some of the peak shopping times. Be quick to take advantage!


Interested in a pop-up space in Fremantle? email your details as per below to michelle@findapopupshop.com.au

  1. Name & Business name:
  2. Email and Phone:
  3. What do you intend to use the space for? (e.g. what type of goods or services would be sold or promoted, and how would you utilise the space)
  4. What size space/ particular features are you looking for, if any?
  5. When are you looking to lease and what is the ideal length of a short-term lease for you? (1 week to 6 months)
  6. Are you looking to trial a location with intention for long-term lease?

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