Pop-up Space for Lease [Fremantle]

27 Aug

Fremantle is making its name as a huge supporter of the pop-up retail phenomenon as more spaces open up.

Numerous empty spaces are being made available for short-term lease in Fremantle. It is fast becoming an exciting shopping destination for shoppers and tourists alike seeking the novelty and exclusivity that pop-up shops offers.

Just this week, more short-term leases have been made available. And they come in all sorts of shapes & sizes! Check them out below…

  • There is a 110 sqm space idyllically located at the entrance with 3-sided exposure. Looking for a 6 month commitment or less. $550/week or as negotiated.
  • An 80 sqm space including kitchenette is available. Formerly an OPSM, it comes complete with all the fixtures and fittings from the previous tenant for your short-term usage.
  • A 65 sqm space perfect for a hairdressing salon or combined beauty salon, includes adjustable chairs and hair basins for the short-term occupancy. Formerly a Price Attack.
  • Other spaces range from 27 sqm and upwards, with and without street frontage. Short-term leasing prices are negotiable based on site and duration of occupancy.

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Also available, complete with all necessary fixtures and fittings, is a Butcher and Poultry shop. Longer term leases sought with terms negotiable.

All enquiries welcome. Contact us info@findapopupshop.com.au

Please include some information about your business, what you are seeking (dates, duration, sqm, price etc.) and your contact details.

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