People’s Market & Flea Pop-up [Melb]

1 Sep

Opening this November in Collingwood’s Stanley Street, is the People’s Market & Flea pop-up. Yay!! Touted as being Melbourne’s first ever sustainably driven pop-up shopping mall, it opens early November right through to April next year.

As you would expect, we are all for having more exciting shopping and social destinations to share with family and friends. We are totally stoked that there is going to be more interesting spaces to visit. But…what we are not so down with is promoting it as ‘sustainable’…Really? (More on that later)

If you have not heard of the People’s Market & Flea (or as they call themselves, “PM”) it opened last year with a bang in the Docklands. The focus is on food, with a hawker style food market being the centrepiece, surrounded by flea-like stalls offering everything from vintage, jewellery and hand-made etsy crafts and more. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the uber-cool, unpretentious bar and fine tunes to boot…


PM has now moved from the Docklands to it’s permanent location in Collingwood. Thanks to Steven Vidovic and Kristina Taranto who together won the nationwide design competition for designing the temporary space. This place is going to be packed!! We can’t wait to visit.

When we have more details about the retail stall holders we’ll post them here.

But before we depart, we do have one question…Is this really a sustainable venture?

The pop-up phenomenon started with businesses taking advantage of empty buildings and spaces. You can walk almost any suburb STILL and it’s not hard to spot the many empty shops. So is creating, erecting and dismantling an entirely new pop-up space sustainable?

Should this fantastic pop-up shopping mall be touted as ‘sustainable’ or just a ‘pop-up’?    Have your say…


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