Threadster Online Pop-up Shop

10 Sep

PERTH fashion designers can connect with a previously untapped market today thanks to two local entrepreneurs who spent their weekend in an old bank vault.

Threadster was born from Aaron Dufall, who pitched the idea at the city’s first Startup Weekend – a 54-hour event that aims to connect like minds in a bid to launch successful companies.

Mr Dufall said he had been “bouncing” the idea around with his mate, Darcy Laycock and decided to test their “baby” on the weekend.

“It’s an online market place, an online pop-up shop for emerging fashion designers,” Mr Dufall said, adding the items would be up for a limited time.

“It’s just so hard for them to get out there, their stuff is really great.”

The 29-year-old site supervisor in construction said the idea came after watching “really great” designers struggling with keeping designs fresh and starting a new business at the same time.

After pitching the idea to about 100 participants on Friday night, in less than 60 seconds, the pair became a team of ten – with the other eight hailing from a business and technical backgrounds.

In the depths of an old bank vault, renovated and now home to Space Cubed, Mr Dufall said the group nutted out the business model before visiting a South Perth fashion market to test its popularity.

“From designers we had a huge amount of interest… they were super excited to have something like this come about,” he said.

Mr Dufall said the website, which is already live, would soon include an online ordering and payment system, but until then would manually connect customers with designers.

“The challenge for us is to get both ends marrying up… get 1000 designers into the system and then start driving traffic to really promote them and get them out there,” he said.

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If you are a fashion designer, check out Threadster and get your designs out there

If you just love fashion, then get online as well and support these amazing emerging designers.

And if you have a great idea for your own start-up project, then join in the fun at StartUp Weekend in 2013. There is one word for it… funspiration 🙂


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