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With Love by Bec Pop-up Shop [Freo]

18 Oct

‘With love by bec’ began in April 2012 at a humble kitchen table by very close sisters, both having a love for handmade and all things beautiful. With Rebecca’s creative direction and Jessica’s sound business skills, it was a perfect combination to develop a business with something special to offer.

“With love by bec” sells handmade gifts mostly by the “with love by bec” team in Perth and some sourced local artists products. They offer fabric-inspired handmade items and various other handcrafts. They sell preloved and new gift ware for women and children.

Along with giftwares, the wonderful duo have a keen interest in promoting craft for children and mums. Their various volunteering experiences will assist in providing fun craft activities for children. Watch this space!!

It is one of our favourite little pop-ups in Perth. It’s just days old!  The prices are remarkable. I mean seriously, most of the customers comment on their low prices for high quality design and gifts. Their secret? Passing on their savings from low pop-up rental prices to us for gorgeous goodies & gift ideas 🙂

Where? Point St, Fremantle

When? Open Wed – Mon (closed Tuesdays)

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Pop-up Space for Lease [Fremantle]

27 Aug

Fremantle is making its name as a huge supporter of the pop-up retail phenomenon as more spaces open up.

Numerous empty spaces are being made available for short-term lease in Fremantle. It is fast becoming an exciting shopping destination for shoppers and tourists alike seeking the novelty and exclusivity that pop-up shops offers.

Just this week, more short-term leases have been made available. And they come in all sorts of shapes & sizes! Check them out below…

  • There is a 110 sqm space idyllically located at the entrance with 3-sided exposure. Looking for a 6 month commitment or less. $550/week or as negotiated.
  • An 80 sqm space including kitchenette is available. Formerly an OPSM, it comes complete with all the fixtures and fittings from the previous tenant for your short-term usage.
  • A 65 sqm space perfect for a hairdressing salon or combined beauty salon, includes adjustable chairs and hair basins for the short-term occupancy. Formerly a Price Attack.
  • Other spaces range from 27 sqm and upwards, with and without street frontage. Short-term leasing prices are negotiable based on site and duration of occupancy.

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Also available, complete with all necessary fixtures and fittings, is a Butcher and Poultry shop. Longer term leases sought with terms negotiable.

All enquiries welcome. Contact us

Please include some information about your business, what you are seeking (dates, duration, sqm, price etc.) and your contact details.

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Eccentric Pear Pop-up Shop [Fremantle]

23 Aug

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Eccentric Pear is a funky new ‘pop up’ retro furniture store, the latest addition to the Freo pop-up strip on Adelaide Street.

Michele and Natasha Pene are a mother/daughter partnership and proud founders of this funky ‘pop up’ retro furniture store. With creative backgrounds, combined of arts, interior design and upholstery to name a few, this dynamic duo keeps busy giving new life to tired old furniture….restoring, re-upholstering and reviving old items.

Alive with the flare of 60’s chic, with antique quirks and a couple of new pieces thrown into the mix, the store takes on a real homely feel that allows you to invision what the furniture could look like in your own living area, bedroom or dinning room.

Situated on the corner of Point st and Adelaide Terrace in Fremantle, the creative pair have injected colour and funk back into a previously empty space.

It’s hard to say what you might you find on any given day in Eccentric Pear, as the furniture is literally walking out the door? But if you get in quick you will fall in love with comfy eames era lounge chairs still in original pale blue vinyl. There’s a great restored teak bar in the front corner window complete with square orange geometric design. A gorgeous boomerang arm 3 seater lounge in original vinyl sits nearby. The seat cushions have been newly covered in a chocolate, gold and taupe retro print. There are beautiful lamps and glass decanters placed on bars and buffets. Teacups on tables, original and retro paintings on the walls and one of a kind re-upholstered chairs in bright colours and designs.

While you make up your mind, dig into the big bowls of giant gumballs!

Where? Corner of Adelaide St & Point St, Fremantle

When? You can find Michele and Tash at Eccentric Pear from 10 till 5 Tuesday-Friday and 10 till 2.30 Saturdays


Pop-up Spaces for Lease [Fremantle]

9 Jul

Looking for a place to pop in the heart of of Fremantle’s shopping district?   Want to trial a location with a short-term lease first?

Available right now are a number of vacant pop-up spaces at pop-up prices.

Whatever your business you could find the perfect place for Eat, Drink, Shop or Play.

  • A former cafe presents the perfect space to trial a new concept.
  • A large gallery-style space could be just the place to curate an exhibition, art, crafts, furniture or set up a temporary shop-front for your online store.
  • A smaller space lets you get creative. Perhaps presenting your home base business with a short-term shop front to promote your business and pick up new clients. Put up a QR Code or Digital display in the shop window. Let’s get creative!

With the festive season soon upon us, Halloween, Christmas and New Year represent some of the peak shopping times. Be quick to take advantage!


Interested in a pop-up space in Fremantle? email your details as per below to

  1. Name & Business name:
  2. Email and Phone:
  3. What do you intend to use the space for? (e.g. what type of goods or services would be sold or promoted, and how would you utilise the space)
  4. What size space/ particular features are you looking for, if any?
  5. When are you looking to lease and what is the ideal length of a short-term lease for you? (1 week to 6 months)
  6. Are you looking to trial a location with intention for long-term lease?

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