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Want Somewhere to Pop-up in Sydney?

3 Apr 100Squared Sydney

100Squared Sydney 100 Squared in Sydney, Bondi and Miranda is a place to pop-up! A never before seen retail setting in Sydney, converting 100 Square metres of blank space into a theatrical pop-up space for you (& other like-minded creatives).

100 squared pop-up precinct

100 Squared presents a breeding ground for the hottest emerging fashion talent and collaborations; an opportunity for the new generation of local fashion talent (yes, that’s you!) to showcase your work.

100 Squared is currently looking  for emerging fashion designers & artists to set up temporary digs. You’ll be gifted with your very own pop-up store in a high traffic area; minimal overheads; basic store fit-out and a short-term lease of 1 to 6 months.

Sound tempting? Check it out at or email them



Pigeonhole Pop-up in Perth

2 Apr image courtesy of

The doors are now wide open to the Pigeonhole Pop-up Shop in Perth’s hottest retail zone…the Pop-up precinct at 140 William.

Feel like browsing some indie fashion, gifts and designer crafts? Then head in to the city and visit Pigeonhole this week. Treat yourself to an Easter gift.

image courtesy of

Thanks to Johann, owner of Pigeonhole, he has pulled together a neat timelapse of the pop-up store creation. See what lies beneath the fashion racks… a backbone of crates, great craftsmanship and keeping a cool head.


Check out their blog at for more stories and pictures of their pop-up shop. Better still just head on it to 140 William and check it out yourself. Our resolution in 2012 is a ‘no regrets’ policy. So head on in there. We will see you there!

Happy Easter xox

5 Hot Tips to Open a Pop-up Shop

25 Jan

POP Up shops may seem to just pop up out of nowhere. In reality they take a lot of planning and careful consideration. Even though they’re only open for a couple of days or months, poor management of your pop-up shop could do long-lasting damage to your business. Here, we help you identify the key areas of planning a pop up shop.

1. Define Your Goal – first of all define what your business purpose is exactly… marketing buzz, extra sales during the holidays, test-marketing a product or location for a permanent store.

2. Location – this is the next most important measure when opening a pop-up. Choose a site that the masses has access to, is aware of, and/or is willing to frequent. The best pop-up spaces are those located in heavily trafficked areas or permanent spots that are ideal for members of the mobile workforce.

3. Neighborhood – okay this may sound the same as location but in actuality is quite different. By neighborhood we mean the shop next to you, consider the stores that surround it. Do they complement what you are doing? Do they have the customers you need?

4. Staff It right – don’t skimp on the staff, pop ups are by their very nature high frequent areas and shoppers expect the staff to know everything about the items on sale. On-site staff must be friendly and well trained — not just friendly greeters stationed at the door.

5. Market your pop-up store – considering the short-term status of pop-ups, it’s important to get the word out and create buzz. So to attract customers social media is a must: Set up a Facebook page, Twitter account, or even a YouTube channel

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