Guest Blogs

Want to contribute to the revolution of pop-up shops?

Become a Guest Blogger!

Join the community of pop up shoppers, pop up retailers and designers to help grow the revolution!

If you want to contribute, email us at

You can guest blog on just about any topic related to the Pop-Up Phenomenon. Blog about a pop-up shop you visited, intend to visit, wish you could go to or blog about your very own pop-up shop. Be sure to include your own photos or videos with just a few short words (try less than 250 words).

Or, if you are a marketing buff and you want to offer a few tips to help newby Pop-Up Shops get started – please contribute. Anything from tips on how to get started on social media, where to find a short-term lease, to how to source products to sell!  You suggest it, we’ll consider it.

All guest blogs will be linked back to your Blog to help grow your reach.

Looking forward to reading your guest Blogs :p


One Response to “Guest Blogs”

  1. Amanda Magee October 29, 2012 at 10:36 am #

    hi there I am looking for a launch site for a new clothing brand and have scoured the usual hall hire haunts where designer one off sales are held and am struggling to find a venue in Melbourne. Help I need a pop up shop!!!!!!

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